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Hi, my name is Alice and I am a self-confessed bake-a-holic. My dream is to one day own a tea room full of gorgeous things, with books everywhere, vintage crockery, and of course plenty of home made cake! On this blog I plan to share all my trials and triumphs from the kitchen, as well as some of my favourite recipes and inspiration that I gather along the way.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Vintage penguins

As well as baking and making, I do love my old things. Not in a creepy sugar daddy kind of a way, more in an old teapot and vintage dresses kind of a way. Items with history have a story all of their own, which I suppose makes it two stories in the case of old books.

I've always loved old books, that smell (I always back it in the old vs new book smell debate), the yellowing of the pages, and the worn corners which suggest all the people who've read it in the past. I got into old penguins in particular a few years back, after realising that not only did they look pretty good on a shelf together, they are also a relatively affordable way into old book collecting.

Ebay has not helped this minor obsession of mine, and I must admit to recently having been on something of a book splurge. So far I've ordered over 50 books in the past fortnight. Oops. As I wait with anticipation for the larger lots to arrive however, I thought I'd share with you all some pictures of what I've got through so far.

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  1. That's a lot of books in only one fortnight! I have all the John Wyndham books in that Penguin edition (Day of the Triffids etc), I love them :)